Exercise room

A treadmill and an orbitrek are available in our newly reconstructed exercise hall. Furthermore there is a variety of fitness equipment which can be used during your training like dumbbells, kettlebells, trampolines, BOSU, TRX, balance balls, jump ropes, mats, SM system and others. Indoor lessons are available here.


This method was developed by physiotherapists and is used for correction of your back imbalance. It is convenient for prevention of back pain. Special exercises strengthen problem back parts, abdominal muscles and deep muscles of the whole body.



It is a modern concept of classical yoga in which you will exercise your body, boost concentration, strengthen your muscles and release the whole body. Regular deep breathing supports the exercise and heats your muscles.



It is a combination of physical and mental activity which brings stress and anxiety reducing. You will achieve an improvement of the strength and flexibility with the help of special postures called asana.


For any other questions, please, feel free to contact the Wellness Centre Santon staff on telephone number: +420 702 152 841 or email at: wellness,santon,cz.