Wellness Centre Santon offers a wide range of massages performed by professional masseurs.


Flexi massage

The flexi massage involves classic massage techniques adapted to the needs and health conditions of the customer. We offer it in three time intervals of 25, 55 or 85 minutes.


Lava stones

Your body is cladded with hot stones which are placed on the energy centres called chakras. This massage is useful especially in winter or cold weather when the stones warm the body into the depth.


Bali massage

It is a full body massage using continuous contact touches similar to the Thai massage. It is divided into three phases. During the first phase the masseur works with a patterned scarf called „Sarong“, the second one is performed as a dry massage and in finally essential oils are used in the third phase.



It is an ancient Chinese method. After placing the flasks on the skin, a local suction is created. This causes a strong blood circulation, warming and oxygenation of the place. Harmful substances are washed away from the entire body and pain is calmed down.


Face massage

This massage relieves tension, improves blood circulation and strengthens the skin. Rosehip or apricot oils are used


Head and neck massage

This massage is suitable for those who suffer from headaches and neck pain. It relieves stress and releases blockages.


For any other questions, please, feel free to contact the Wellness Centre Santon staff on telephone number: +420 702 152 841 or email at: wellness,santon,cz.