Sauna world

The Sauna world in our hotel spa offers three types of saunas. Sauna bath brings many benefits to human body. You will be more resistant to diseases, your immunity will be stronger and thermoregulatory system stabilizes. In addition heart activity is calmer, joints and muscles pain recedes and your skin gets better.


Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna heated by fireplace to a temperature of 85-95 ° C provides a nice warming to your body. With the flames of fire and relaxing music a sauna is an ideal place for relaxing.


Aroma herbal sauna

The aroma sauna with herb fragrances, a temperature between 65-75 ° C and a humidity of 25-30% is a gentler version of the Finnish sauna. Ideal for sauna bathing beginners!


Steam sauna

A steam sauna is a foggy bath where an ideal combination of heat and humidity is used. The temperature reaches the level of 40-50 ° C and humidity rises to 95-100%. The room is scented with eucalyptus for better respiratory system clearing.


For any other questions, please, feel free to contact the Wellness Centre Santon staff on telephone number: +420 702 152 841 or email at: wellness,santon,cz.