Private whirlpool

Private whirlpool provides you undisturbed relaxation. With a temperature of 36-38 ° C you can enjoy a comfort for 3 people. Reservation is necessary. Extra charge for private whirlpool.

There are two kinds of massage jets in our whirlpool:

  • Air (sparkling) massage - influences the activity of the lymphatic system and our mental condition significantly and has sedative, relaxing and massaging effect.
  • Water massage - which is a great choice for the treatment of health troubles. It helps to increase blood supply to the muscles and organs, improves blood circulation, relieves muscle spasms and has a beneficial effect on the entire musculoskeletal system


For any other questions, please, feel free to contact the Wellness Centre Santon staff on telephone number: +420 702 152 841 or email at: wellness,santon,cz.